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Sweet & Spicy Turkey Muffins

Makes 22 muffins (1 serving 3 muffins) 1 serving: P| 25.2 g C| 1.2 g F| 3.9 g


1 lb 90% or more ground turkey

1 cup cut spinach

1/2 cup already made pico de gallo (or make it yourself with tomatoes, onions, lime juice, cilantro, garlic, sea salt and jalapeno pepper.

4 cups egg whites

Sweet and spicy nuts

Seasonings: Garlic powder, mrs dash original blend, white pepper, minced onions.


Heat oven to 375

Spray Pam oil to muffin trays 

Cook turkey and mix in the seasonings while oven heats up.

In a blender mix egg whites, pico de gallo and cooked turkey. (You need a great blender at least 1000 watts)  Pour in muffin trays and then top with nuts.

Bake for 25 min, then let muffins cool down and enjoy!



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Get inspired!

Meet Silvana Jaffe

Meet Silvana Jaffe photos1

 Silvana is a lifestyle coach, sports nutritionist & Ambassador &

Magazine blog contributor with an inspirational weight loss story. 

Meet Silvana Jaffe photos2

I wasn’t always overweight in fact since I was a kid I have been extremely skinny and then moving to the US had a huge impact on my eating habits.

In the picture on the left I had lost almost 50 lbs and YES I was overweight … Because I did not workout and I was full of excuses. In the picture on the right you can see I went to the extreme and I lost a significant amount of weight because I became obsessed with my physique. Obviously I couldn’t maintain that weight because over exercising and eating fish/asparagus decreased my metabolism, resulting in many medical issues. By that time I was not a health professional (but I sure thought I knew it all).

 In the middle picture is where I am today…. I have never been so happy in my life… It took a LOT of work and dedication.  I learn my lesson by participating in fitness competitions and understanding that in order for me to be healthy I needed to disconnect from winning a trophy and to concentrate in being healthy. I learned that extremely low carb diets have damaged my metabolism and I had to change my diet to eat more calories.

 Currently I consumed more amounts of food that I did when I was overweight. I STOPPED caring about how I look and concentrated on being HEALTHY. This in no means shows I’m not human…. Yesterday I bought macaroons and ate 3 of them (like 60 g of sugar) do I feel bad? NO. Why? I exercise so much and I eat so clean that having one treat doesn’t mean It will ruin my diet. We all start from somewhere…. I wasn’t brought from heaven by flying unicorns and was not gifted perfect genetics. This has been the result of hard WORK!!! I hope to inspire at least 1 person with this.  

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